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Ashley Capps

"Before I tried Dr. Shawn Hanson I had never believed in chiropractic care, even as a massage therapist myself at the time. However the pain from my sciatica(due to an accident) got to the pain that I could no longer sleep without waking up in massive pain with no way to relieve it. I had met Dr. Hanson and found him to be a down to earth guy and eventually I had mentioned my problems, he told me to come see it. And while it took a while for me to make up my mind about going I'm glad I did. The sciatic pain I had been having was gone. I couldn't believe there could be a world without it anymore, but Dr. Hanson made it happen. I know that may not work with every case, but in my situation it did and it's been amazing. I still go in every now and again for "maintenance" but hey... Even a car needs regular maintenance. Also I want to give a big shout out to the staff there, ALWAYS kind and courteous. And always willing to help! For all you mommies and daddies there is a playroom as well."

Haley Crum

"I have been going to Tarpon Total Health Care for years now and they are the only chiropractors I will allow to adjust me! They have always taken the best care for me. I highly recommend them!"

Charlene Leichssenring

"For more than +24 years I have been a patient of Dr. John.  It has been an amazing journey.  He has accurately diagnosed medical conditions where other doctors have failed.  Most recent:  I was at the "Y" doing my regular Step Class, feeling no pain, when suddenly I felt a pop on my right side and could not walk.   I knew a hospital visit would not solve whatever problem I was having.  Since it was 6:30 pm my primary was not available, I called Dr. John the next morning and he saw me immediately.  I could not even walk into the office I was ushered from room to room in a desk chair.  Long story short. After stem, lazer and adjustment by the evening I was able to stand and take a few steps.  6 weeks have past and I am back at the "Y"."

Paulett McIntosh

"I have been a patient of Dr. John's since 2008. I had very severe pain in my shoulder and neck area at that time.  Dr. John made a plan of treatment and worked  through months to gradually improve the pain.  Over time, with his expertise , he was able to get me to feel better.  I had other painful areas that he was able to relieve. I was finally convinced to have the therapy massage along with adjustments. The treatments worked wonders for pain relief.  I believe I may have been an  invalid if I had not been able to find such expert care.  The staff is very friendly and caring.  I felt like family while I was a patient there.  Anytime I called they made a way let me come right in to the office. I have since had to move away from that area and leave the trusted, professional care that worked wonders for me.  I can truly say they are the very best! As I work to find care in the  city I live in now, I can see that if I can find a Dr. even " 3/4 " as good as Dr. John , and an office any where close to the family feeling I had at Tarpon Total Health Care , with Dr. John, I will be  a  fortunate person. I believe they will give that same awesome care to everyone who seeks their help at Tarpon total Health Care."

Marti Raif

"My husband and I have been patients of Dr John's since the 90's when we were residents in Tarpon Springs.  We now drive from Gulfport once a month for our adjustments. He always finds the source when we have different pain areas and treats us right away. We believe that he has helped us stay healthy and we appreciate him sharing his knowledge of the importance of chiropractic as well as nutrition."

Daniel Bridges Sr

"I have been going to Dr John & usually precede his alignment with a visit to Hana  When she is finished with me I can slip under the door with no pain  The staff is ALWAYS friendly & attentive. . .professional & exacting  I have been going since I MIGRATED to the area in 95  I had been going to Dr Alex back in Connecticut prior to arriving here so as no stranger to the program  I could not have worked in the auto-body trade for 35 years without the help which I occasionally needed  I go every 5 - 6 weeks even thou  medi-care does not pay for ALL my visits as I am a believer in its life enhancing qualities  I fully intend to be around for 150 years & am sure this will help extend my life & quality there of!"



"As  an attorney who practices personal injury work, I’ve known Dr. Huy for  many years.  We’ve had a number of clients and patients in common and  I’ve always enjoyed our working relationship.  About a year and a half  ago, I called Dr. John about business when he asked the familiar  question: “How are you?”  

Now, I had no  intention of saying anything other than “fine” and moving on to  business.  However, after suffering from a sinus-induced migraine  headaches for years and years I guess he hit me with that question on a  bad day.  Or maybe it was a very good day in disguise.

“I’m  miserable.  This is the third migraine I’ve had this month and they  just seem to be getting worse.  I cannot concentrate, I sometimes have  to cancel all my appointments and go home to throw up.  I’m at my wit’s  end…”  Well, you can guess the rest.  I was, after all, talking to the  founder of Tarpon Total Health Care center.  

Dr. John  convinced be to try chiropractic as a possible solution to my  debilitating migraines.  I was skeptical, but willing to try anything.   My quality of life was suffering.  I got an adjustment regularly.   Slowly, over time I noticed that my headaches were occurring less  frequently and when I got a headache, it wasn’t as life-altering. 

I’m happy and very relieved to say that my migraine headaches have decreased from 2-3 per months to maybe 2 per year.  I’ve been a patient of Dr. John’s ever since.  I cannot say how nice it is to get my life back.

So just maybe that very crummy day 1 ½ years ago turned out to be one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

Thanks, you guys are great!"

Happy Patient

"I originally came to Tarpon Total Health Care to have Dr. John help  my nine year old daughter with a dance related injury. After a  successful treatment program that not only rehabilitated her injury but  corrected the curve of her back that had her skeletal system so out of  line.

Through friendly dialogue, I got to know and love Dr. Huy and his  staff. I shared with him that I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and  early symptoms of lupus about eight years ago. I have suffered extreme  fatigue, sever muscle soreness and swelling. My existence had become centered around living with pain and fatigue. My brain was always  “foggy” and I had to fight to keep the depression from overwhelming me. I  mentioned to Dr. Huy that I had recently heard about “systematic yeast overgrowth” and asked him if it was possible that was my problem, he did the most amazing thing—he listened! He had some lab work done to determine the state of my digestive tract. And the test showed that I indeed had this condition. 

Now here the good part, after less than a month of a natural solution—all my symptoms were gone! All of them! I struggled to hold back the tears as I thanked Dr. Huy for literally  giving me my life back. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Huy and  his staff were a true gift from God. I can’t express my eternal gratitude enough."

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